Episode 19 | Improve Performance with Guests Dr. Wood and Dr. Leslie

Do you ever feel like you just can’t be 100% in the moment? When you tune into this podcast episode, you’ll learn there is absolutely nothing wrong with you or your mind. Lonnie and his guests Dr. Wood and Dr. Leslie from the Inspired Performance Institute talk about how you can clear the glitches in your mind to gain clarity and focus to drive performance.

Dr. Wood and Dr. Leslie help individuals process traumatic events that occurred in the past, but continue to impact their minds and performance today. And, their work is for everyone—traumatic events and experiences effect us all from dealing with a bully in kindergarten to those who encountered abuse. Tune in to learn how to perform at your highest level. 

Episode 18 | Leadership and Life is a Team Sport with Guest Courtney Banghart

Courtney Banghart, the head women’s basketball coach at Princeton who led her team to six Ivy League titles, was named the 2015 Naismith National Coach of the Year and one of The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine, was this week’s guest on the Red Shoes Living podcast. On and off the court, Courtney is a remarkable Red Shoes Living individual and a winner at every level.

Leaders in all stages of their career and in every industry will be inspired and motivated by Courtney’s words. She and Lonnie talk about the best way to start your day to make the biggest impact, the art of the possible and how to surround yourself with a diverse group of mentors (including those who would “still love you if you robbed a bank”) and people that fill your cup. At her core, Courtney is a servant leader who believes life is about who you are and who you help. Tune in to learn her “share and shoot it” philosophy that guides her players on and off the court.

Episode 17 | The Big Four with Guest Erica Ariel Fox

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On Episode 17, Lonnie’s podcast guest is Erica Ariel Fox, New York Times best-selling author, co-founder and president of Mobius Executive Leadership and Harvard Law School lecturer. Erica’s Winning from Within Method, also the name of her phenomenal award-winning book, offers leaders a way to navigate high-stakes interactions and live their best lives. She explains on the podcast how her unique position in very conventional environments and her strong interest in the world’s insight traditions allow her to bridge between the two to support leaders who are responsible for very important decisions. She connects the best practices of the executive suite with the lessons from traditional wisdom to be the “premier mythologist of modern business leadership.”  Her insights on modern leadership must not be missed.

Episode 16 | We’ve Got This with Guest Craig Gordon


My guest on Episode 16 of the podcast is Craig Gordon, an avalanche forecaster from the Forest Service, Utah Avalanche Center, who is among a rare group of people who are actually doing what they dreamed of doing when they were a kid. You'll get a glimpse of Craig's outlook on life, the passion he brings to his job and his inspiring leadership sensibility as you listen to our conversation. 


Episode 15 | Meditation: The Path to Being Your Best Self with Dina Kaplan

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Dina Kaplan, co-founder and former COO of Blip, TedX speaker and founder and CEO of The Path, was my guest on this episode of the podcast. Dina explains on the podcast that as the COO of Blip she was running very fast, but questioned whether she was running in the right direction. After experiencing panic attacks, she stepped away from the COO role, traveled for 2 1/2 years and ultimately found her new calling in meditation and founded The Path, meditation for the modern mind. Listen in to learn all the benefits of meditation for busy entrepreneurs and executives. 

Episode 11 | Arch Your Back — Happiness in Work

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Lonnie's guest on the Red Shoes Living podcast this week is Dr. Paul Warner, an industrial organizational psychologist and co-author of "Magic: The Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement." In the episode, they discuss the epidemic of people who don't like their job, the importance of flow, trust, listening and learning from everyone,  and more. And, you'll have to tune in to learn why you should "arch your back."

Episode 8 | Overcoming Obstacles

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Everyone has obstacles in life to overcome. Those obstacles might be physical limitations like Spartans Misty Diaz or Noah Currier or they might be challenges in your professional life, but we can all overcome them by putting ourselves out there and putting one foot in front of the other. In this week's episode, Lonnie inspires us with several stories about people who put themselves out there and are focused on overcoming their own obstacles.