Leadership Coaching and Executive Workshops

After hearing Lonnie’s keynote, many of the world’s top brands are inspired to create Red Shoes experiences. But before you can create Red Shoes experiences, you must develop Red Shoes leaders and a Red Shoes culture.

Prominent brands work with the Red Shoes Living team to bring the expertise and insight of Lonnie’s 30 years of executive leadership and the powerful message of standing out in all that you do for the positive back to their organization. Through leadership coaching and executive workshops, we help you put a system in place where Red Shoes individuals thrive. 

This is the most powerful message you can bring your employees. The concept is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. With Red Shoes at the core of your culture, you will produce lasting results unmatched by any other program.

In the video below, Lonnie explains why Red Shoes is the most relevant business message for our time: