Keynote speaker Lonnie Mayne shares the powerful message
of Red Shoes Living based on 30 years of executive leadership working with the most prominent brands in the world.  

Learn the secret to creating Red Shoes Experiences.

Catapult your organization’s success and change the lives of your team.

I’ve heard many motivational talks in my professional career but nothing as genuine and impactful as Lonnie Mayne’s Red Shoes Living talk. Lonnie is a master storyteller and is able to capture the audience in a way that hits them to the core in a very moving and positive way. I’ve heard Lonnie speak about Red Shoes Living twice and both times I walked away feeling deeply inspired to ACT - to deliver better customer experiences, to better understand different perspectives, to be a better professional, and to be a better person. Lonnie is a phenomenal leader and a tremendously inspirational speaker. I’m a big fan of Lonnie and am a convert to his Red Shoes Living message.
— Dave Blake Founder/CEO, ClientSuccess

There’s never been a better time for this powerful message. When you hire Lonnie to keynote your event, you will join some of the most prominent brands in the world who have done the same. 

Lonnie sets audiences on fire with his inspirational, straightforward concept about standing out in everything you do like a pair of red shoes in leadership and life.
— Sue Kong NHS

Customer, Culture,  Leadership & Life

The original intent of Red Shoes was to create a Red Shoes customer experience. But to create a Red Shoes customer experience, you need to have a Red Shoes Culture and Red Shoes Leaders. The byproduct of all that work is living life in a Red Shoes way. Are you ready to create a Red Shoes Culture? Contact Red Shoes today at 801.783.7373.

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